News: Executive jobs and top management vacancies available via Headhunters Brazil

We have launched a new executive job application on

All vacancies have a minimum salary indication of 20.000 R$ per month and start at middle management level (minimum level). The jobs are directly available via our headhunters network and you will be able to apply directly to them in case you are interested. In addition, you will be able to select all relevant functional areas: human resources, engineering, finance, ICT, marketing, sales, logistics, legal, etcetera. It is also possible to select executive jobs by other search criteria like location, job title and salary level. Of course, most of the executive jobs will be located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro but we will add other locations in Brazil too.

In this way we try to make the executive search industry in Brazil more transparent and easily accessible for local and international executives and professionals.

Article: How to Network with Headhunters & Executive Search Firms (Source: Harvard Business Review)

As you grow in your career, it’s important to grow your network with you. By the time they’re 45 or 50, most executives will benefit if they have positive relationships with two or three quality search consultants. While I encourage these relationships, I’m certainly not saying you should always be looking for a new job. That’s the path to failure. Most executives, however, will benefit if they occasionally are in touch with the market for people like them. At senior levels, search consultants are the closest thing to that kind of market. The right search consultant can be more than a source of job opportunities. He or she also can react to what you’re doing and provide detached but well-informed advice that may be hard to find anywhere else. Continue reading

Article: Recruitment trends in Brazil in 2021 (Source: Linkedin)

Recruitment trends in Brazil in 2021:

1. Social professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire
2. Employer branding is both a competite threat and a competitive advantage
3. Data is used to make better hiring and branding decisions
4. Companies are investing in hiring internally to stop top talent from walking out the door.
5. Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain

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Article: Overseas recruiting demand for Brazil a tough nut to crack (Source:

Recruiters say they are yet to see significant pick-up of large-scale migration to talent-short Brazil from depressed markets such as Spain, where job opportunities are scarce. Robert Spuri, managing director for Latin America at talent and recruitment firm Futurestep, says: “Nowadays you have a lot of gaps in Brazil, but you also have problems in Spain, for example, or the US – Brazilian companies are starting to source people in Europe and the US.” But Spuri, speaking to Recruiter for the Global Spotlight piece coming up in next week’s June edition of the magazine, says the trend is still not that strong, with Brazil being a “very closed market, [but] now we are opening a little bit”. Continue reading

News: Headhunters Brazil is expanding to Mexico and Argentina

Headhunters Brazil is currently expanding in Latin-America. Due to the successful introduction in Brazil, we decided to expand to Mexico and Argentina as well. The website for Mexican Headhunters is For Headhunters Argentina , please check In this way we try to facilitate international careers of Latin American executives and directors.

Article: 2020 Executive search outlook becoming brighter in the Americas (Source: AESC)

The 2013 Executive Search Industry Outlook Report just released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) shows that half of global executive search consultants hold a neutral outlook for the executive search business in 2013. The remaining 29% of search consultants feel optimistic, sharing a positive outlook, while the minority (22%), harbor a negative view for 2013.

The regional breakdown of the findings highlight an alternative picture for EMEA, which includes a greater number of consultants (31%) holding a negative outlook for 2013 and only 17% feeling positive about the industry in 2013. Comparatively, consultants based in the Americas and in Asia Pacific expect a stronger search industry in 2013, with a 38% positive outlook in the Americas and a 32% positive outlook in Asia Pacific. Continue reading

News: Partnership Headhunters Brazil and Careers Brazil

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with ‘Careers Brazil’. The last couple of months we have received many questions/requests (from candidates) regarding career orientation & job coaching services in Brazil. Careers Brazil will assist both international professionals as well as local Brazilian executives in finding fulfilling careers (matching talents, capabilities, and opportunities). Please check out the following website for more information about careers in Brazil: !

Article: When to Use a Search Firm or Headhunter ? (Source: Alison Doyle)

When does it make sense to use a search firm or recruiter to assist with your job search?

If you seem to be stuck in a rut and you are not getting calls for interviews, it can make sense to use a recruiter to broaden your job search. It can also make sense if you are in a high level position since those jobs are not always advertised or in an industry that typically uses search firms to fill vacancies. Search firms have contacts in industries and at companies that you might not even be aware of. They can help market your resume and provide you with additional exposure to potential employers. Continue reading

Article: Tips for using a headhunter (Source: Yale)

Tips for using a headhunter

Choosing to use a professional recruiter, or headhunter, in your job search is an individual decision and has become more and more common, particularly during a strong economy.  During an economic down cycle, attorneys should be more cautious when soliciting the help of a headhunter. When you are hired through a headhunter you come with a fee for the firm, one which firms may be less willing to pay during difficult economic times. 

With that being said, professional recruiters do maintain a vast network of contacts and may save the firm time in their job searching process; however using a recruiter is one resource in an effective job search. Be cautious to not rely too heavily on this one avenue at the risk of ignoring other successful job search strategies, such as networking. Continue reading

Article: SHL Global Leadership Study, Brazil top 5 position (Source: SHL)

According to the global leader in talent measurement solutions, SHL, the U.S. ranks 5th in the world in its Global Leadership study for the first time. The study provided a worldwide view of leadership potential as it identified the top 25 countries with the greatest supply of potential leaders relative to its workforce. Data was analyzed from more than one million people from SHL’s global Talent Analytics™ database. Although the US currently ranks in the top five, the study showed the  nation risks a declining position as corporate globalization outpaces leadership identification and development programs, at home and abroad. Continue reading