Privacy statement

Headhunters Brazil tries to maximize the privacy of its website users. We do everything possible to make your visit to our website a safe experience and we guarantee that all information provided to us will be treated strictly confidentially and only used for the purposes stated below.

Information regarding our website users

Headhunters Brazil gathers information about website visitors in an accumulated way to analyse, for example, how many visitors check a certain page and which pages are most frequently visited. We use this information to improve our website for our users and to make sure we provide information which is valuable to you.

Your personal information will be treated strictly confidentially. We never provide information like name, address, e-mail or telephone number to third parties without prior consent.

Changes in our privacy policy

Should we decide to revise our privacy policy (e.g. due to new legislation, new forms of communication, etc.) or we would like to use your data for other purposes, we will immediately and accordingly update this page.

Ethical code

Our ethical code guarantees your privacy. Headhunters Brazil will take great care of all company and personal information regarding clients and website visitors. Both company and personal information will only be provided after prior approval.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.