Article: Ten tips to get you noticed by executive search specialists (Source: Michael Page)

There comes a time in the career of many professionals when the most likely source of alternative career options is via a headhunter. So, if your next role is in the hands of search firm, how do you go about catching their attention? David Angel, regional director of Michael Page Executive Search, shares his advice. 

1. Boost your visibility

One of the most effective ways of being recognised and identified as a talent is to participate actively in dialogue within your field/industry. Speaking at industry events or conferences, having articles published or being quoted in relevant articles will all increase your visibility. Continue reading

Article: Let Sample Resumes Inspire You, Not Define You (Source:

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find a sample resume that matches your background, copy it to your word-processing program, make minor changes and be done with the arduous task of creating a dazzling resume? While that would be ideal, you can shortchange yourself and sabotage your job search if you base your resume on a sample document. 

The good news is that if done correctly, taking ideas from resumes in books or free resume examples online can greatly improve your own. Here’s how to use resume samples without copying them verbatim.  Continue reading

Article: Find a job? Employment opportunities in Brazil! (Source: CNN Money)

Sao Paulo / SP, 2012.

Looking for a job? Try moving to Brazil! Just ten years ago, Brazilian professionals were fleeing the country in search of better jobs and higher pay elsewhere. But these days, white-collar workers from around the globe are pouring into Brazil to find work.  

In 2011, the number of legal foreign workers jumped 57% to 1.51 million, according to the Justice Ministry. Many of them are young professionals from the United States, Portugal, and Spain lured by Brazil’s booming consumer market and quickly expanding construction sector at a time when their own economies are suffering. This year, Brazil overtook the United Kingdom as the world’s sixth largest economy, fueled in part by big growth in domestic consumption as millions of people climbed out of poverty into the middle class.  Continue reading

Article: Where to find employment in Brazil? (Source:

Where to find employment in Brazil? Brazil is hiring qualified professionals from other nations, and this trend should continue if the pace of economic growth in the country continues. 

A stronger economy encourages investment in large projects in the industrial and energy sectors, particularly in the oil and gas industry, and also in the expansions of factories and purchase of machinery and imported equipment. This scenario requires the presence of foreign professionals to supervise installation and start-up.  Continue reading

Article: What is a head hunter ? (Definition of a headhunter)

What is a head hunter? A head hunter is a job recruiter who specializes in matching highly skilled professionals with corporate clients. He or she might be an independent contractor or work through an agency where each agent specializes in particular areas of employment and possibly also in geographic areas.

Corporations benefit from using a head hunter or a headhunting service in two ways. It eliminates the need to place an advertisement for the open position and then address the inevitable list of applicants, most of which will be unfit for various reasons. A head hunter does the tedious work of finding good candidates, providing an initial screening mechanism that saves the corporation valuable time. In turn, the recruiter is paid a fee if he or she is able to find the right candidate, typically a small percentage of the annual starting salary of the filled position. Continue reading

Article: Recruiting Has the Highest Business Impact of any HR Function (Source: Boston Consultancy Group)

Within most corporate HR functions, the atmosphere is simply too politically charged to even consider raising this powerful question:“Which HR function ranks No. 1 with the highest impact on two critical business success measures — revenue growth and profit margins?” Well, the data is in, and we now definitively know that the answer is … recruiting is the most impactful HR function!

In my many years of working with corporations, I have come across only a handful of HR leaders who have taken the time to quantify the business impacts of recruiting (Google and Apple are the best). But if you shift industries and look at the sports and entertainment industries, you will find that it is well established that recruiting is the most impactful people management function. Continue reading

Excel sheet: Overview of all head hunters, Executive Search Firms and HR companies in Brazil

Below you will find a very useful Excel document which demonstrates an overview of all major head hunters, executive search firms and HR (consultancy) companies in Brazil. In addition, some extra information is added to each headhunter for example: email, website, specialization, et cetera.

Two remarks:

1. Please note that some of the companies are HR consultancy firms and not head hunters!

2. Please note that some of the firms listed in this excel sheet have outdated websites.

Excel sheet: Overview of all head hunters, Executive Search Firms and HR companies in Brazil

Article: Why is your boss moving to Brazil? (Source: Time Magazine)

When Isabel Moises moved from Lisbon to São Paulo (SP) last year to take an executive position with beer company Heineken, she was following the same path taken five centuries ago by the Portuguese explorers who discovered Brazil. And these days, if her e-mail box is any indication, chances are Moises won’t be the last. With Europe’s economies stagnant — Portugal needed a massive bailout last year — more and more of its corporate talent is making the trans-Atlantic voyage to revive their flagging careers in Brazil, where companies are growing at a torrid pace. Says Moises,44, a human resources vice president for Heineken’s Brazil operation, “Every week I get people asking me how they can get a job in Brazil, what’s the best way to send their resume, where there are opportunities.” Continue reading