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Article: Executive talent in Brazil => key trends, the brazilian growth story, talent shortage, etc (Source: AESC)

Excellent research paper about the Brazilian labourmarket by the association of executive search consultants (AESC). Key trends, crucial factors in the brazilian growth story, several reasons for a talent shortage, et cetera. Please check out the full research paper by clicking on the link below.

Research paper: Executive Talent in Brazil (by AESC)

Article: Top salaries for executives in Brazil (Source: Economist)

Where does a senior manager cost most? Brazil, according to the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), a trade body. Two recent surveys, one by the AESC and the other by a Brazilian headhunter, Dasein Executive Search, found that chief executives and company directors earned more in São Paulo, Brazil’s business capital, than in New York, London, Singapore or Hong Kong. The surveys compared base salary, but bonuses in Brazil are generous too, says David Braga of Dasein. And the comparison understates the cost of hiring in Brazil: its payroll taxes are among the world’s highest. Continue reading

Excellent website statistics on Headhunters Brazil

After our recent launch we are proud to announce some interesting website statistics: 52% returning visitors, average time spent on the website 1 hour and 6 minutes (!), mainly Brazilians (especially from Sao Paulo) and many clicks on the headhunter links on the homepage. In addition, our google ranking is improving every day. Some keywords already have a number 1 listing on!

Recruitment in Brazil & Labourmarket research about the global attractiveness of Brazil

In collaboration with the Intelligence Group, we present you an interesting research paper about the global attractiveness of Brazil & Recruitment in Brazil. Did you know that Portuguese really love Brazil? Did you know that a career is considered much more important than an employer brand in Brazil? Please check out our Recruitment Brazil section. There we present you the complete presentation and research results about the labourmarket in Brazil.

The website of Headhunters Brazil has been launched

The website Headhunters Brazil has just recently been launched and we already have a lot of positive feedback from clients as well as website users. We try to optimize the website in the next coming months to give you even more information about executive search firms and head hunters in Brazil. In the near future we will also add executive jobs to Headhunters Brazil. Thank you for your positive feedback and for visiting our website.