55 11 3170 4447

Av. Almirante Barroso, 91, salas 1004/1005
Centro – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Cep 20.031-916

Agnis is a specialized company in solving different strategic necessities in Human Resources with recognized expertise and extreme capability to provide results in short and long terms.

This should be enough, but before the presentation of its solutions, techniques and processes, it is first necessary to present Agnis’ Profile. Talk about the Company is talk about the people that work in it. The behavior, the posture and the attitude of each professional is, in fact, what defines Agnis´ Profile.

The Team of Professionals has the focus on the job, tuned to the mission/values of Agnis and also to the continuous market demands. So that, they assume the compromise of hitting the mark, conducting the projects with pleasure and happiness, putting all the efforts to keep its partners. We are working here because we like, respect and give value to our job.