Advertorial: The advantages of retained executive search? (Source: Bluesteps / AESC)

Are you a senior executive looking to connect with top recruiters? Use our guide to retained search to assist your executive career management strategy and job search.

Like many professions, the executive recruitment industry has developed its own specializations and distinctions. The differences between retained executive search and other types of recruitment can seem confusing and the differences unimportant. However, to those in the executive recruitment profession and the hiring organizations and executive candidates who deal with them, the differences are crucial.

BluestepsThe process of retained executive search – contacting and introducing executives to senior-level job opportunities – is a sensitive one and must be performed within a careful set or protocol. The retainer provides an umbrella of professionalism, credibility and recognized practice, implying partnership between the search firm and the hiring organization. The search firm brings industry-specific expertise and unique insight on the client’s leadership needs.

As an executive candidate, this means that your career information will be held in the strictest confidence by the search firm, and only disclosed to a client organization with your agreement. When interested in a position, you will be treated as a candidate, not as an applicant, and considerable time and effort will be expended by the search consultant in evaluating you and your executive career history and experience. You should treat the consultant as a trusted intermediary rather than as an obstacle. If this position does not work out, there will always be other job opportunities.

When responding to a possible senior executive job opportunity, therefore, always ask whether the search firm is retained by the client organization. You should expect in-depth knowledge about the hiring organization from the search firm’s researchers and consultants. If they don’t know much, they may not be retained, and the client may have requested candidates from several other firms as well. This kind of speculative process could place you in a compromised position, wasting your time and perhaps even harming your reputation.

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